Whether you’re a homeowner for the first time, a repeat buyer, or ready to invest buying property is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you will make. Having an experienced agent and support team is critical. Drawing on over 15-years of experience in San Francisco and the Bay Area combined with an architecture background, Andrew guides clients through structured analysis and objective reasoning to make wise, successful decisions that win the day. Planning, knowledge and timing are essential to helping clients purchase the perfect home or investment property. Andrew works end-to-end to guarantee that you succeed. 


What to expect

  • Listening First. Andrew starts with an in-depth conversation, listening carefully to your needs and goals, and helping prioritize requirements.  The output is two-fold:    a detailed search criteria and strategic go-to-market plan.
  • Financial Guidance. Looking to finance or an all-cash purchase identifying your budget is first priority.  Andrew spends considerable time understanding your parameters.  Financing pre-approval by a local, experienced lender will allow you to act quickly and with assurance.  Andrew provides introductions to highly qualified lenders to ensure your get what you need, when you need it.
  • Market Insight.  The market is ever fluctuating and Andrew takes the time to provide insight and critical market data.  Details regarding off-market sales and color between-the-lines is often the difference between winning or not.  Andrew has the broker connections and provides valuable analysis regarding property values and market trends.  You will be well advised with the information and confidence to make the best offer.
  • Searching:  Andrew employs a variety of search tools to identify and locate properties both on the public market and privately available.  His personal network of agents and strategic positioning creates a unique advantage for buyers in the highly competitive San Francisco market.
  • The Offer:  After a property is identified Andrew works with the buyer to meticulously review the property disclosure package, uncovering possible issues and opportunities.  He helps draft and expertly position the most competitive offer.  Andrew negotiates based on experience and tenacity, always leading with the client’s goals and interests in mind.
  • Facilitating the Close.  When an offer is accepted by both parties escrow begins, an equally important and critical part of the overall transaction. Andrew carefully tracks every step, anticipating challenges and presenting workable solutions.  He puts his expertise to work for you, handling details efficiently and professionally until keys are received, and often after.
  • Post-Close Service.  From the day escrow closes Andrew continues to be a valuable resource to clients.  He answer questions, provides insight and recommendations and believes in sharing his knowledge to help clients reach a new standard of living 


Buying a property is a major commitment but is also a very exciting time. Andrew commits the time, energy and experience to make you successful and is proud to hand you the keys to your new home!  Call Andrew today.