“I recently used Andy to sell my home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, and cannot say enough good things about our experience. Andy had been helpful to us over several years prior when we were initially thinking of moving. Years later we ultimately decided on a tear down, where he was helpful providing the comps needed for our bid. What I was most appreciative on this recent sale was his very candid feedback about what we needed to do to maximize the sale of the house. We had no desire to make improvements, largely because we thought the house would be attractive to buyers as-is, and we were too busy to take on a renovation project. We could not have been more wrong, and Andy was patient and polite in explaining the price and timeframe the house would likely sell for if we did not make the improvements. He also made it as painless as possible for us. Andy’s suggestions were so good that we felt remorse that we hadn’t made those changes years earlier. He arranged for all of the subs, as well as the staging company, to do the needed work, and regularly checked on the progress and quality of their work. He also allowed us to finance those renovations through his company, which was a great program we utilized.

When Covid hit and they shut down house tours, Andy kept reaching out to other brokers to keep the house in front of interested buyers. His communications skills and transparency are exceptional. His guidance around pricing and contract terms proved spot-on which resulted in an exceptional sale price with which we were extremely happy. When it comes time to sell our new home we will absolutely be using Andy again.”
C-Suite Finance Executive